First Time Visitors

One of our peer counselors will welcome you when you arrive. We will have some in-take paperwork for you to fill out. If you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant, we will give you a self-administered pregnancy test. Expect your visit to be around 30 minutes. All information and discussion we have is kept confidential.   

Returning Visitors

When you show up to your scheduled appointment, a peer counselor will take you to one of our counseling rooms. There, you will start one of two programs that we offer. The first is an Earn-While-You-Learn educational program. Classes include DVD videos with discussion. The second program is a Bible Study curriculum which also includes DVD videos and discussion. Of course, our peer counselors are also here to listen and provide comfort and guidance when that's what you need most! 

Baby Buck Program

When you visit our center for any type of counseling service we offer, you get to earn what we call Baby Bucks. Baby Bucks are special dollars that can be used to buy things in our Mommy store. You get Baby Bucks for keeping your appointment, showing up on time, doing your counseling session with discussion, and for the homework that is sometimes involved in the sessions. Our Mommy store has tons of items that mommy and baby need. From cribs to diapers to clothes, our Mommy store has a little bit of everything you would need to provide for you child.